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Groovin Tot

  In this fun-filled, energetic class, parents and their tots will engage in creative movement that will aid in the development of their gross and fine motor skills, rhythm, musicality, and coordination. Fun songs such as ” The Wheels on the Bus”, “Old McDonald had a Farm”, and many more will make the class even more enjoyable and engaging. Ending the class with fun games and bubbles, tots will be sure to leave a smile on their face!

Little Gymnasts

  This engaging class  is an introduction to basic gymnastic skills such as somersaults, cartwheels, balancing, climbing, jumping, stretching, and much more! With the support of their parents, tots will work on their gross motor skills and flexibility through many stimulating gymnastic base activities. Of course, we end the class with a fun game so that tots always want to come back for more! 

young gymnast
young balerina

Mini Beginner Ballet / Jazz

  This class adopts the basic skills of ballet and jazz for your little one so that it can give them a good foundation as they continue to advance. Minis will become stronger and more flexible as they learn a number of skills ranging from the ballet positions to super cute jazz kicks!


  Jazz is motivating, upbeat style! It has a strong technical foundation, stemming from ballet, and thus adopts many of its own techniques. Dancers will learn how to perform a variety of these skills ( including kicks, jumps, and turns) while improving flexibility.

jazz dance

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is one of the most popular styles seen today, especially on television and in many movies. Never lacking energy, it is known for its unique movements, apparel, and music choices. Movement can be very hard-hitting, fluid, aggressive, soft, slow, and fast, so dancers will definitely learn to bust a move with this fun, loose style!


 In this class, your child will learn many fundamental acrobatic skills and incorporate them into dancing at the same time! Flexibility, balance, and strength are essential in this fun filled class. Your child will learn skills such as front rolls, back rolls, bridges, handstands, front and back walkovers, balance work, and more. 

contemporary dance

Contemporary / Lyrical

Both lyrical and contemporary are styles that encourage dancers to use emotion in order to express themselves as they dance. Lyrical adopts some of its own technique, which stems mainly from a mixture of ballet and jazz, whereas contemporary incorporates lyrical itself, plus some modern technique. This class will help dancers work on their fluidity and grace, while challenging them with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction.  


Dancehall / Soca

 Dancehall and Soca are both popular music genres in the Caribbean  – Soca originates from Trinidad & Tobago, while Dancehall originates from  Jamaica. These styles come with their very own original, fun, intense movements that dancers will learn to master!


This class will teach dancers the intricate, original, and energetic movements of African Dance, mixed with a flare of hip hop. Afrobeats is a popular style of African music that encompasses a lively rhythm with each song, and with the amazing moves accompanying it, dancers will definitely get the most out of the class!

Dance Fitness

This cardio – based class is perfect workout for those who want to have fun and work up a sweat at the same time! Individuals will power through sequence of fun, jazz and hip hop based movements mixed with some Latin fusion all while sculpting their bodies. Be ready to sweat it up! All levels welcome.